Our Base
At Wanted Liquid we manufacture the most unique and exceptional E-Juice flavours in Sweden.
Based in Enköping "Swedens Nearest Town" we have access to a large range of distributors around the world.

Wanted Liquid Engineers

Making his own E-Juice since 2014.
The mastermind behind the Swedish Candy,
Tattoo Liquids and Slushie lines
among many more.
Mats has excelled at creating unique
and original flavours which tantalise
the tastebuds of every vaper
who inhales them.

Mats Larsson
Flavour Master

What can we do for you?



Product Development

Supply quality E-Juice with completely unique and original flavours. Our recipes are a closely guarded secret. Desired by many, known by few. Only we can create our signature taste sensations.
VN Liquids, Maestro Liquids and more rely on Wanted Liquid to create, bottle and distribute their product to stockists throughout Sweden. We have everything we need to produce up to 9000 60ml bottles of E-Juice per day and we could be doing it for you.
At Wanted Liquid we understand the importance of Brand Recognition. We can assist with all of your design needs, from Identity tweaks to label printing. We can help make your product stand out from the crowd.