Alien Fuel

The Truth is Out There.
Fresh fruity flavours to take your vape to another planet.
They mostly come out at night .... mostly
Cryo Berries
Forest berries frozen and mixed to perfection. A knock out E-liquid. A wake call after Cryo Sleep
Cherry Fusion
A triple cherry blend. Red cherry, Sweet cherry and Black cherry come together in this E-Juice to create an out of this world experience.
Eon Rift
Citrus frost blast. A sharp, zesty hit of Lemon and Lime, superbly chilled to create a crisp vape fit for the whole day.
Kiwi Infusion
Kiwi infused with Watermelon combine in this delightfully fruity E-Liquid.
Mango Plasma
Mango with a hint of Pineapple. It's sour meets sweet with a hint of tartness.
Strawberry Ray
Sweet strawberry and tasty pear come together in this E-Juice. It's a sensation from space.