Wanted Liquid Clients

We’re proud to work alongside exciting new and upcoming E-Liquid brands to assist in our clients production efforts. Home mixing in large quantities can be a time consuming and difficult exercise. Why go to all that trouble when Wanted Liquid can make your dream a reality with ease and precision. 


How can we help?

We have everything you need to take your brand from you back room to global brand. As our client we can produce your E-Liquid line, at every stage of manufacturing. Once your E-Juice is ready to go, we can also help get your brand on the market, we will use our distribution channels in an attempt to get your liquid out there.

Contact us to become a client and see how we can take your E-Juice through the production process and make your life easier.

We have in fact worked alongside some fantastic E-Liquid manufacturers to assist in thier production. For the purpose of mixing, bottling, labelling or collaboration and often all of the above. It’s been a particularly exciting journey for us and our clients.

Below you can check out the brands we have already assisted in producing and designing killer E-Liquid ranges.

lemonade series

Lemonade Series by Ringe Juice


Top Secret by Ringe Juice

maestro vapors

Maestro Vapors

Love Drops