Coffee Time!

Relax and unwind with coffee time.
Inspired by your favourite barista menu and the Swedish tradition of Fika.
Take a sip and a vape of a top Coffee treat
Day Dreaming
Classic cappuccino. Straight from your mug to your tank or RDA. Strong espresso topped with warm milk and foam.
Evening Secrets
There's a special type of coffee for when you need something a little stronger. Irish Coffee E-Juice. Strong coffee with a little something secret.
Midnight Patrol
Long nights patrolling the street require a strong pick me up. What better way to lift your spirits than Coffee and a Doughnut. A sweet treat in a coffee E-Liquid.
Rise and Shine
Our signature Coffee Vape, the one from which this whole line sprang forth. A sweet and delicious Caramel Latte.
Weekend Delight
Something for the sweet lovers. Drop a large scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream into your coffee for this unbeatably tasty concoction.