COWLAB Chalkdust


In a very first for Wanted Liquid we have joined forces with Swedish E-Juice manufacturer “Vape More”.


Coming together to create a blend of two E-Juices to create a brand-new exciting flavour profile.
The famous Swedish sweet “Skolkrita” is something we are often asked to recreate in E-Liquid form, a combination of sour, salty, tangy liquorice mixed with a fresh blast of menthol is very popular here in Sweden and when we were approached by Vape More who felt they had found a blend using our flavours that they felt hit the mark we were obviously intrigued. Upon creating the mix ourselves and trying the flavour our mixers were completely sold on the idea. So we immediately signed up to design and run this brand new E-Juice collaboration line and guess what? People love it!

To understand why, well … you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

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