E-Juice from Wanted Liquid

Wanted Liquid is first and foremost a manufacturer of E-Juice. The ideology behind the founding of Wanted Liquid is above all to create great flavours. In short we pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things pertaining to E-Liquid.

Great E-Juice

What makes a great Juice? Firstly great ingredients, secondly great recipes. At Wanted Liquid we always strive to use both. Most importantly we refine and test every juice line to make it the best it can be.

At Wanted Liquid we know that the cost of E-Liquid is a huge factor in your purchase choice, that said a large number of the cheaper e-liquids are manufactured using lower quality flavourings and bases. By comparison Wanted Liquid uses only the finest ingredients from reputable sources. All of our E-Juice is manufactured in our clean room right here in Sweden. We know that all of our ingredients are appropriate and tested safe for use in the EU. We are committed to delivering the safest and best product at great value.

There is a lot of false information circulating in the vaping industry right now. However we can guaruntee that every bottle we produce will satisfy your craving for a high quality vaping experience. Every line we release endures countless taste tests and reworks to meet our reputation for immense flavour. We have no interest in releasing E-Liquids that don’t match our strict demands for exceptional quaility. Every batch we create is mixed with great care and attention to detail to ensure ultimate gratification in every bottle.

We’re certainly not the only ones though, there are thousands of E-Liquid brands out there creating epic Juice. We’re eager to sample them all. Similarly we want to vape great flavours and as such we’d love to hear from new brands looking to distribute thier great E-Liquid in our region.


Meanwhile we are always observing the current trends in E-Juice so we can best server our customers. For example, we have recently observed an increase in MTL vaping. This has led us to create two new MTL lines to add to our Wanted Liquid collection.


It’s always important to find the right blend for your needs. Our primary goal is to help the customer find the flavour that works for them. A good quality base is the foundation for all great E-Liquid, as such we will always use the best quality VG/PG in the perfect blend to create our flavours.

Thus giving ourselves the perfect building block from which to create a unique range of E-Liquid flavours to delight your palate.