Join the Odd Squad.

Join the Odd Squad

Odd Squad 120ml Shortfill E-Liquid from Wanted Liquid

Odd Squad E-Liquid

Wanted Liquid’s first foray into the world of 100ml Shortfill E-Juice comes in the form of Odd Squad. A range of flavours developed to satisfy all palettes, there’s something for every vaper with special attention given to creating E-Juice flavours that make for the perfect all-day-vape. With the huge success of disposable vapes we have endeavoured to create something which will appeal to those who wish to transition to a refillable device.

Old favourite E-Liquid flavours that have found themselves ignored are all represented here. Finally returning some of the classic vape tastes that ignited our imaginations in the first place. All created with that signature Wanted Liquid quality.

Odd Squad Apple E-Liquid

Apple – A fresh, crispy, sour and juicy straight apple flavour. Refreshingly simple but packing a real punch of green apple flavour.

Odd Squad Apple Raspberry E-lquid

Apple & Raspberry – Sour apple and sweet raspberry blended to perfection for a sensational taste experience.

Odd Squad Banana E-Liquid

Banana – Classic creamy banana, too often overlooked in E-Liquid. This banana flavour will delight your inner cheeky monkey.

Odd Squad Blackcurrant E-Liquid

Blackcurrant – A summer favourite. Blackcurrant cordial was a staple for most of us as kids, now you can relive that nostalgic flavour in your favourite Vape.

Odd Squad Blue Glass E-Liquid

Blue Glass – Mr White’s creation was a huge hit in the early days of Vaping. As with many classic flavours it has experienced a resurgence with the rise of pod systems. Take yourself back to the early days of e-cigarettes with this Heisenberg inspired flavour.

Odd Squad Cola Bottles E-Liquid

Cola Bottles – Another flavour that was always a hit with early adopters of e-cigg’s. The classic Cola Bottle candy.

Odd Squad Grape Candy E-Liquid

Grape Candy – We’ve witness a huge revival for Grape as a flavour since the launch of countless disposable vapes. So we decided to give the people what they want with this delightful sweet mixed grape candy E-Liquid.

Odd Squad Odd Number 7 E-Liquid

Odd Number 7 – A completely unique vaping experience. It’s been compared with everything from ‘Bamse’ toothpaste to Dr Pepper. A marmite of E-Liquid flavours, you have to try it for yourself to determine if you will love it … or hate it.

Odd Squad Strawberry Banana E-Liquid

Strawberry & Banana – Strawberry often derided by vapers as being too sweet or too chemical has here been rebalanced with a banana blend that is both creamy and sweet without having too much of that candied strawberry flavour that is all to common in E-Liquid.

Odd Squad Watermelon E-Liquid

Watermelon – Another flavour that has proved to be massive in the disposables market. Watermelon, sweet and juicy with just a touch of cooling to keep it fresh. This E-Juice is fast proving to be a favourite amongst our customers.

You can find media packs containing all of our Odd Squad images over on our media page and you can grab the products right now at and for retailers contact our lead distributor eciggkedjan.

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