Wanted Liquid Labelling


When our new E-Liquid line is developed, designed and ready to run. We have a top-drawer labelling machine. As such we can label almost all E-Juice bottles. It might seem like a dry topic but you cannot underestimate the importance of great labels. At the end of the day to sell great, your product has to look great.

Our label printer delivers vibrant, accurate colors, smooth gradations, precise barcodes and ultra-sharp text. As a result we can produce crisp, gorgeous labels. Using high yield ink cartridges gives us less interruptions and less waste than other labelling printers. Above all this means we can offer a more cost effective solution for your needs.

Above all rapid printing allowing for up to 20 centimeters of label per second in 1200x1200dpi. In adddition you can choose your own style with matte or glossy finish on 3×3 pp labels.

In short label application couldn’t be easier, our custom bottling machine has a capacity for up to 5000 labels. Applying each label with speed and precision. Thus ensuring each bottle of E-Liquid we produce has perfect uniformity and style.

If you’re looking to find fast, affordable bottle labelling or design then contact us to find out how we can help.