Welcome to Wanted Liquid media.


Right here you can find all our media, including menus, bottle images and more, in order to browse and download. In the event you need materials for your webpage to sell our E-Juice now or even if you’re just curious to find out more about our brands. Wanted liquid provides you with a downloadable pack for each of our E-Liquid lines so you can display and learn about our products.

The importance of great promotional materials cannot be overstated. At Wanted Liquid we know that designing great bottles and menus is second only to creating great flavours.

Looking for something else? Want to see how your design might look on a bottle? Contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Take a browse through all of our available media packs below in order to see for yourself the importance of Wanted Liquid’s design aesthetic.

Sin vape
Sinvape Pack 4.04Mb
bushido media
Bushido Line Pack 5.52Mb
Just Fresh Pack 4.16Mb
Hookah Banner
Hookah Line 120 Pack 8.2Mb
DROOL media
DROOL Pack 5.99Mb

DROOL 120 Pack 5.99Mb
DROOL MTL Pack 5.35Mb
Coffee Time 120 Pack 7.09Mb

Danio’s 120 Pack 9Mb

Danio’s MTL Pack 6.9Mb

Alien Fuel Pack 8.69Mb
Alien Fuel 120 Pack 13.5Mb

Another F#cking Pack 12.9Mb

Swedish Candy media
Swedish-Candy Pack 7.78Mb



Swedish Pastry
Swedish Pastry Pack 4.78Mb



ZEN Media Pack 6.20Mb
Tobacco Series media
Tobacco Series Pack 7.34Mb

Tobacco Series 120 Pack 16.4Mb

CRYO Media Pack 5.23Mb



CRYO Media Pack 7.8Mb
Original DL Media Pack 4.29Mb



Original MTL Media Pack 6.20Mb
SODA Media Pack 6.20Mb

SODA 120 Media Pack 4.8Mb

Swedish Devils Media Pack 10.20Mb

NRG Media Pack 19.20Mb

Odd Squad Media Pack 2 parts

DONKENS Media Pack 7.80Mb

Another F*c#ing Christmas MTL Pack 4MB