Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

We wanted to wish everyone of our customers, clients, friends, families and co-workers a very Merry Christmas and drop in some best wishes for the coming new year. We’ll be taking a little break over the Christmas period to rest and recharge our batteries. This means we can burst into 2020 with new and exciting E-Juice flavours for you all.

All the best to all Vapers out there, have a very happy holiday.

On a side note, here are our Christmas Vaping top 5 E-Juices.

Wanted Liquid – Gingerbread

Gingerbread or Pepparkaka is the Christmas treat here in Sweden, and our very own Gingerbread E-Liquid is the perfect companion to those cold, dark nights over the festive period.

Supergood – Rum Ting

We know everyone likes a good tipple at Christmas time, for me that usually means a cheeky Rum based cocktail. This one is really special, with banana, pineapple juice and a sweet cherry topping, it’s all the fun of a cocktail but you wont have to worry about saying something innapropriate at the Christmas dinner table because it’s alcohol free.

Wanted Liquid – Before Eight

Who doesn’t have a cheeky wafer thin mint after dinner at Christmas time? There’s always room for one, after all it’s only wafer thin! However if you just can’t manage to squeeze in one more bite why not opt for the vape version instead? Before Eight from Wanted Liquid is the perfect option when you want that exact experience without adding to the already heavy calorie load over Christmas.

Dainty’s – Heizenberg

The Christmas cold. It’s our bodies way of telling us we’ve been working to hard all year. We’ve all had it and it can absolutely ruin your festive celebrations. You may find the need to clear out those sinuses and give yourself a touch of relief. In that case you need something with a cooling kick and a lot of menthol. You could reach for the cough sweets but why not try a nice jolt of everyones favourite blackcurrant and eucalyptus flavour.

Wanted Liquid – Tropical Winter

When it gets too hot inside we all like to step out and take a breath of fresh air. That’s the feeling Tropical Winter from the Sin Vape series provides. When it gets too hot in the kitchen step out and breath in the cold tropical fruit medley that’s bound to cool you off.

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