mtl vs dl

A trend emerged recently in the Vaping industry showing a spike in usage of Pod Systems and conventional mouth to lung tanks. This method of vaping does have it’s avantages. It can be simpler, faster and often contains a higher quantity of nicottine making it much more effective when it comes to ditching the analogue cigarette.

Mouth to lung offers a more cig-a-like feeling, which helps when it comes to recreating the addicitive habit formed by the action of smoking. This can be a more effective replacement therapy when it comes to kicking the addiction. Many people opt for mouth to lung vaping for simplicity others just prefer the sensation.

DL bottles

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung vaping.


MTL mimicks the experience of smoking a conventional cigarette. You vape by inhaling once, holding the vapour in your mouth for a moment and then inhaling a second time to the lung.


  • Easy for beginners
  • Good flavour
  • Similar to smoking
  • Discreet


  • Small hits
  • Tight airflow
  • Less flavour


Inhaling vapour directly to the lung. This is a much more intense method of vaping and as such requires a lower dose of nicotine. Less like a traditional cigarette.
Harder hits.


  • Lot’s of vapour
  • Easy draw
  • Huge flavour
  • Big Clouds


  • Intense, especially for new vapers
  • Indescrete
  • Large devices

Observing this trend at Wanted Liquid we wanted to give people using this type of device something a little bit special. As such we decided to begin work on our own range of MTL flavours. Specifically designed premium flavours from Wanted Liquid fit for your low end device. We believe every vaper should be able to experience great flavour with every hit regardless of the method of vaping they choose.

mtl vs dl

So we set about creating something to please MTL vapers in the same way we’ve been satisfying Direct Lung vapers since our inception in 2014. As a result we now offer two MTL lines. Gentlemen Vapes and PURE MTL. Giving you the choice between purely tobacco flavours and something sweeter. We will continue to create new and exciting E-Juice lines.


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