Classic Swedish "Godis" Sweets, recreated as an enticing E-Liquid experience.
Instantly recognisable flavours brought to life minus the pesky calories.
Before Eight
The classic after dinner mint. Dark Chocolate with mint fondant for a deep rich Vape.
Debonair Fudge
Confident, stylish and charming. Do you have what it takes to be Debonair? E-juice inspired by the Swedish favourite Dumle.
Legendary Kick
Scandanavia loves licorice. Savour this salty licorice E-Juice with a kick of zesty lemon for a legendary experience.
Mystic Haze
The perfect blend of licorice and peppermint, recreating a Swedish classic. This E-Liquid is a mystical delight.
Violent Guns
Violet candies, pastels and gummies are popular worldwide. In Sweden the "Viol Pistole", the inspiration behind this E-Liquid, is considered one of the best.
Witches Roar
Salty Licorice. The unrivalled Witches Roar from Wanted Liquid. A stape in our collection, you won't find a better Licorice E-Juice.