Swedish Pastry

Swedish Pastry
Fresh from the Swedish Bakery
Fika Treats in E-Liquid form.
The remarkable, unmistakeable gingerbread flavour.
A sharp delicate Lemon Tart,
Apple Pie just like Grandma used to make,
and finally a fistfull of blueberries in a soft pastry case.
The perfect Gingerbread flavour. Bringing the warm cosy feeling of Swedish Christmas in your new favourite E-Juice
Lemon Tart
A thin shortcrust pastry base topped with sharp, tangy lemon curd. An exceptional bakery E-Juice treat.
Blueberry Pie
E-Juice with a fistfull of Blueberries mixed with whipped cream in a soft pastry case.
Apple Pie
Apple Pie E-Juice, fresh picked, oven baked and cooled on the window sill. Just like Grandma used to make.