Premium tobacco flavoured e-liquid with a tasty twist.
Designed to ease ex-smokers into vaping.
Cool winds and icy ascents. Explorer is a classic menthol tobacco that gives you the cool hit of arctic exploration alongside the dry flavour of real tobacco.
Probably the most famous tobacco in the world. Grab your cigar fresh from your humador and delve into the rich unbeatable flavour of a Cuban cigar.
A premium blend tobacco vape. Paired with roasted nuts to create a smoother flavour, this vape will satisfy those looking for something similar to smoking but also those who crave something a little extra.
Adult flavours. Walking the dusty trail to the construction site. Denim and leather. Tobacco with undernotes of Rum and Chocolate. A rugged taste for the hardened vaper.
It's not fancy but sometimes that's what you need. This E-Juice comprises of a blend of tobaccos to achieve that well known Virginian flavour.