More Than Just E-Juice
At Wanted Liquid we're about so much more than just mixing E-Juices. Our clients get the complete package for their brand.
We can mix, bottle and label your E-Juice lines. With our production capabilities we can take your brand to the next level.
Our in house designers have developed all of our labels and logos. Have a design you want to refine? Or starting from scratch with a simple idea? We have the know-how to develop your brands identity.
Often our clients turn to us for help to label their products. Our top of the line label printer produces 1200 dpi waterproof labels at a rate of 300 mm per second.
VN - Liquid
The perfect example of one of our distribution juices. VN Liquid was created in collaboration with our friends at from testing to distribution Wanted Liquid were integral to it's emergence.
Maestro Vapors
Seb started making his own Liquid for personal use back in '14. His sweetner free liquid was popular among his friends and he'd toyed with the idea of mass production. He came to Wanted Liquid with some ideas and we now produce and distribute his entire range.
Your brand could be vapings next big thing. Have your own perfect vape but don't know what to do next? We can take your idea and make it the next great flavour.
Maestro Vapors
Maestro Vapors came to us with a unique flavour profile across a range of Sweetner Free liquids. We liked the ambition they showed and worked with them to perfect their labels and their flavours.
VN - Liquids
Vapenation stores represent one of our closest partnerships. The popular Swedish Vape shop were looking to refine their identity and add to their range of liquids. They now stock all of Wanted Liquids lines and we created a special line of VN liquids exclusively for Vapenation.
It's not always about liquids. Vaping is a hobbyist pursuit now and many entrepreneurs are recognising an opportunity in the marketplace. Pi-Coils are the perfect example. Hand wound, high quality coils for RDA's and RTA's. Wanted Liquid helped Pi Coils find a space in the marketplace with rebranding and distribution opportunities.
Your Brand
Your name could be the next on this list. Wanted liquid would love to help you produce your brand. We are always interested in cross promotion opportunities, if you think you're E-Liquid is the best thing since vaping began then get in touch and see what opportunities we have for you.