Wanted Liquid Production

Wanted Liquid Production is based in Enköping. Affectionately referred to as “Sweden’s Nearest Town”. A term coined by the advertising executive at Bahco tools. Due to its proximity to Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås. Enköping has been at the heart of Swedish industry for centuries.


Previously home to Bahco one of Europe’s largest tool production companies. Founded by Berndt August Hjorth, based on Johan Petter Johansson’s inventions. In the 1880’s Bahco sought to leverage the advantageous location of Enköping so that business would boom.

Here at Wanted Liquid

We thought Johan was right to recognise the potential of this small but well-placed town. Hence we now run Sweden’s largest E-Liquid production line here, less than one kilometre from the location where Johan is said to have invented the modern wrench.

Our production

Truly encompasses everything we need to conceive, design and manufacture a plethora of E-Liquid lines. Our juice blenders have the knowledge to create any flavour they set our minds to. We can mix, batch and run up to 5,000 bottles of E-Juice a day. Thanks to our state-of-the-art clean room and top-of-the-line bottling machine.

We carry all the best flavours from the most famous choices for E-Liquid recipes alongside some more obscure ones (that are out little secrets). Ensuring we can tailor make the best recipes for our production of E-Juice lines. This flexibility also means we can manufacture E-Juice for other creators too. At this moment in time we have three E-Liquid lines that we mix, run and label for other companies. We are truly saving time, improving accuracy and perfecting the look of their product.

Working with Wanted Liquid couldn’t be simpler, contact us and find out what we can do to help you improve your production capabilities.

Here is a short movie from our production line.

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All of our E-juices are mixed in a Laminar Air Flow (LAF) Class II from ThermoFisher