Better the Devil you know

Swedish Devils, a complete range of Liquorice flavoured E-Liquid. Building on the success of our best selling Witches Roar flavour we have created a whole range inspired by Scandinavian Liquorice candies.

Violet Devil – A sublime blend of Violet and Liquorice. Our customers loved the experience of blending Witches Roar and Violent Guns, two of our incredibly popular Swedish Candy E-Liquids and we have finally listened eliminating the middle man and creating the perfect blend of these two delicious flavours.

Devil’s Roar – Like Witches Roar +. An extra salty strong Liquorice hit is in store for those of you who just want the biggest liquorice hit imaginable.

Devil’s Sweetheart – A sweet liquorice masterpiece. More popular outside of the Scandi territories. Devil’s Sweetheart is sure to be a hit with vapers who like a more candied liquorice experience.

Frozen Hell – Liquorice with menthol is a refreshing flavour with a lingering tingle. This flavour has been developed to satisfy customers who want a nice fresh cool feeling to accompany their liquorice E-Liquid.

Red Devil – An absolute classic here in Sweden. Raspberry Liquorice Skulls are the favoured candy of so many people. A delightful mixture of sweet raspberries and liquorice which even those who dislike liquorice would struggle to refuse.

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