Wanted Liquid – CRYO

You Wanted Cooling. We’ll give you Cooling!


Wanted Liquid is proud to announce the launch of our latest flavour range. CRYO! An explosion of fruity flavours with a spine tingling cooling sension that serves to keep you chilled on even the hotest of days.

With five distinctive flavours each packing CRYO’s distinctive Cooling punch we’ve got everything the cooling lover could ever need.

CRYO Green – Keylime with Juicy Kiwi and Dragonfruit.

CRYO Blue – Blackcurrant with sharp Apple and Dragonfruit.

CRYO Orange – Jackfruit with ripe Mango.

CRYO Purple – Blackcurrant and refreshing Watermelon

CRYO Yellow – Pineapple with crisp Apple and Jackfruit

ou can find media packs containing all of our Odd Squad images over on our media page and you can grab the products right now at Vapenation.se and for retailers contact our lead distributor eciggkedjan.

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