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Work With Us

Work with us. At Wanted Liquid we are passionate about Vaping. Not only do we want to create the most exciting and interesting E-Juice lines but we also love to help others achieve their goals. As such we offer bespoke services to our clients across the entire vaping business.

We would love to help you make your vape dream a reality. Are you working on a E-liquid line? We can help you refine your flavours, design your branding and increase your production capacity.

We have everything you could need to start and E-Liquid business from scratch. We’re happy to work alongside you to achieve your goals because we want vaping to flourish.

The strength of the vaping market in Europe is continuing to grow every day. Thanks mostly to the passion of vapers. We want to thank them by continuing to help the industry grow. New devices, new flavours and new ways to experience vaping are absolutely key when it comes to delivering this ideology. Work with us to help make this dream become reality.

The Vaping Industry is constantly evolving and growing all over the world. Therefore we want to hear from you if you think you have the next big idea that will take vaping to the next level.